The Central Carolina Songwriters Association (CCSA) is an organization founded in 1997 by Shantel Davis to promote the craft of songwriting.

CCSA is structured to offer an environment where songwriters and musicians can grow in their craft by learning and sharing with each other. We offer song & lyric feedback, a network of musicians & collaborators, educational opportunities to improve your songwriting abilities and discounts on CCSA hosted events.

Membership is open to all local songwriters, lyricists, and musicians. Membership dues are $24 per calendar year.

Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting before making a membership commitment. Presentation of songs for critique / feedback is reserved for current members only. However, visitors are welcome to participate by offering feedback on songs presented by members.

We request the respect of the privacy of information shared during meetings as well as the observation and respect of copyright laws and professional ethics. CCSA practices a “what is said or heard here stays here” policy.